How Schools Benefit

How Schools Benefit When each school recycles aluminum cans, the recycled cans are then turned into money for the schools.  Each schools receives a certain amount of money depending on how much aluminum cans they have collected.  We have below, what some of the schools have to say, about how they have benefited from the money.

“St. Pauls has been using the i*recycle money to supplement our School of Tomorrow fund.  The School of Tomorrow puts computer stations in each classroom.  Students use e-books instead of textbooks.  Students do worksheets and other assignments on word documents that get sent to teacher's desk via the Internet.  Teacher makes corrections and feedback the same way-thus reducing the need for paper by 90%.  Teachers utilize projectors for lecture so textbooks are not needed.”

- Helen Nishihira, principal at St. Pauls Christian School

“At George Washington High School, Marine Mania recycles aluminum cans, plastics, paper and cardboard for the entire school. So our principal decided to split the money we generate through the i*recycle program, giving half to Marine Mania and half to the school. We use our share of the money for:

> Bus transportation for field trips (tree planting in the southern hills, hike to the    badlands)

> Classroom computer supplies (upkeep, ink cartridges, paper)

> FishBowl competition (t-shirts and lunch for participants)

> Guardians of the Reef t-shirts.”

- Linda Tatreau, Marine Biology, teacher and Marine Mania adviser,
George Washington High School

“Finegayan has purchased tether balls and stands, a basketball hoop, and sports or musical items as prizes for recycling contests. These prizes include tambourines and other percussion instruments, frisbees, soccer balls, a baseball and bat, and four-square balls. We’ve also purchased trash cans that we’ve converted into recycling bins for aluminum and plastic in order to promote more aggressive recycling.”

Shannon Seleen, Special Ed teacher and champion of i*recycle program at Finegayan Elementary School

“Our school will be using the money to assist with providing the students with planners.  The school orders planners for each school year.  The school provides the students with a planner at no charge.  Money generated from "i*recycle" will go towards alleviating some of the cost for 650 planners for the students

- Melissa Mafnas, Principal, Wettengel Elementary School

“Jose Rios Middle School has used some of the money we’ve received to purchase trash cans that we have converted to recycling bins to assist in our aluminum can recycling effort at school. We have also used a portion of the money to purchase hoses for use in power washing our walkways to make them cleaner and safer for everyone.”

- Hannah Gutierrez, Assistant Principal, Jose Rios Middle School

“The Sharks MADE (Making A Difference in the Environment) Club received $741.15 from i*recycle program from the second container. We split this with the construction club, and with that they purchased rebar, cement and sand to make and/or repair concrete benches around the school. We then gave a little over a hundred dollars to the horticulture club to purchase trowels, rakes, vinyl hose, cultivators ad hoes. With the remaining money, Sharks MADE is in the process of purchasing trash can and paint to convert them into attractive recycling bins for our school.”

- Melanie Blas, science teacher, Sharks MADE Club adviser, and champion of the i*recycle program at Simon Sanchez High School