Frequently Asked Questions


i*recycle has many questions from people who want to know how the program works, benefits schools, and other related issues.  Hopefully these questions can answer the questions that you may have about i*recycle.



My school would like to participate in the i*recycle program. Can we still get a bin?
No. All 40 bins that were initially purchased by the Guam Business Partners for Recycling (GBPR) were placed at 40 schools during September and October of 2007. "But we do have a growing number of schools that are participating without bins. They collect bags of cans at their schools and then deliver them directly to Pyramid Recycling. Pyramid will then give them a receipt for the number of bags they've turned in, and later will bale and weigh the cans. The weight will be written down on Pyramid's copy of the receipt and that receipt is then provided to Peggy Denney, program administrator. The schools are paid for what they've delivered when the checks are received from Anheuser-Busch Recycling Corporation (ABRC)."



Can I drop off my aluminum cans at any school?
Cans may be dropped off at any school participating in the program, whether they have a bin or not.



Do I need to rinse my aluminum cans?
No. The program does not require that the cans be rinsed. If you’re storing them in or around your home for a period of time, you may want to rinse them to reduce odor and ants, etc., but that is a personal preference.



Do I need to crush the aluminum cans?
No. We ask people not to crush the cans if they’re going to be placed in a school’s bin. The Mr. Rubbishman truck does not have a scale and therefore cannot weight the full bin. So we’re basing a full bin on volume; if the cans come to the top of the bin, then the school is credited for a full bin. If you’re taking cans to a school without a bin or taking cans directly to Pyramid Recycling, then the cans may be crushed to allow more to fit in a bag.



Where does the money go?
All money will be placed in each school's Student Activities Fund"

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Can I volunteer to help?
Yes. Many of the schools, especially those without bins, can use help in delivering extra bags of cans to Pyramid for credit to their school. Also, there are numerous events at which i*recycle provide recycling, and extra manpower is always welcome.


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For more information, contact Peggy Denney, program administrator, at 483-9415.



How can i*recycle at my event?
Recycling at events basically requires an appropriate number of recycling bins and some people to monitor them so that the recyclables – cans, plastic, glass – are not contaminated with non-recyclables. You can purchase plastic trash cans, cut a hole in the lid the approximate size of a can or bottle, and attach a sign, for example, “Aluminum Cans Only” or “Plastic Bottles Only.” Then the cans can be delivered to the school of your choice or directly to Pyramid Recycling, which will accept your plastic bottles as well.