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The Adopt A School Program


Our definitive goal is to recycle most, if not all, of the 79 million aluminum beverage cans that are imported into Guam annually. At the school level, teachers, staff and students are encouraged to recycle at home and bring their bags of cans to school to be placed in the bin. However, even this effort will not reach all the aluminum cans available to be recycled on the island. Hence, the Adopt A School component strives to include participation of local businesses to filter recyclables generated from their establishments into i*recycle program for the profit of schools.



According to data obtained from Rev & Tax, Matson Navigation, and the Navy Exchange, Guam imports over 79 million aluminum beverage cans annually which translates to approximately 2.2 million pounds. At the current aluminum market rate, if the community was able to recycle two million pounds through this program, even after the deduction of some expenses, over $1.7 million could be generated for the participating schools.



How can your business participate in this program and help Guam’s schools?

You can take part in our Adopt a School program by implementing aluminum recycling in your offices and selecting a school to be the beneficiary of your recycled aluminum. The program administrator, Peggy Denney, is available to coordinate with your adopted school. The aluminum cans you collect can either be delivered to the school, picked up by them, or delivered directly to Pyramid Recycling where they will be credited to the school you have selected. If you need assistance in transporting your bags of cans to either a school or to Pyramid Recycling, Peggy Denney can assist in that effort as well.