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About i*recycle



"i*recycle" is an aluminum recycling program created for the financial benefit of Guam’s schools by the Guam Business Partners for Recycling, Inc. GBPR is a non-profit organization dedicated to promoting aluminum recycling island wide in order to help the schools, help clean up our island, and help keep aluminum cans out of the Ordot Dump.



Guam Aluminum Can Recycling Facts:


  • Guam imports over 79 million aluminum beverage cans annually. That is over 2.2 million pounds of cans every year.

  • Although a lot of these cans are recycled locally, most of the cans end up in the dump.

  • Even though the value of aluminum changes with the economy, if we recycle 2 million pounds of cans through the i*recycle program, schools can earn well over $1 million to buy things they really need.



Help out, here's how…


  • Deposit all your aluminum cans in one of the 40 i*recycle bins located at public and private schools Island wide.

  • All proceeds received from the recycled cans will go back to the schools based on the quantities they have generated.



For more details, go to How it Works